Top 10 Largest Cities in Canada Accurate Reports

Canada is ranked the second-largest country in the world. But in terms of population, Canada is only 39th. There are still some big cities across the northern country. Each of these reasons can make you interested in Canada, they are prestigious Universities, lucrative industries, favorable geography, unique cultures, and the Hockey League team. Here are the Top 10 Largest Cities in Canada.

Top 10 Largest Cities in Canada


With over 6.255 million population, Toronto was one of the largest cities in Canada. The city is located in Southern Ontario and is close to one of the great lakes called (Lake Ontario). Some people call the city the New York of Canada. It is a metropolitan city, a concrete jungle, and a place for culture and business. The country is home to several internationally organized sports teams, like the Toronto Maple Leafs which are among the NHL’s teams. The University of Toronto is well-organized and draws students from all over the globe. The country has the CN Tower which is the tallest free-standing structure in the world.


With 4.2 million people, Montreal was the second-largest city in Canada and was located on the shore of the St. Lawrence River. The place has a unique culture, architecture, and the best poutine and bagels one could hope to find. The city was a place of sports because of the National Hockey League Team. In terms of education, Montreal is also at the top because of McGill University which was located in the city. check out: Top 10 Most Expensive Universities in Canada 2023


One of the biggest cities in Canada with over 2.6 million population. The place was located in British Colombia, westernmost provide in Canada. The City has one of the coolest temperatures climates in the nation. The place is close to the Pacific Ocean and is verdant. It is possible for someone to surf and ski at the same time in the city, as the go-to ski spot is nearby the world-famous town of whistleblowers. Hockey is one of the greatest cultures in the city, one of the greatest NHL teams was located in the city.


A city of 1.5 million people, and one of the largest cities of Canada. The city is famous for its oil and gas industries which have made the city one of the biggest cities in the country. The University of Calgary was ranked in the top 10 universities in Canada, the school always welcomed international students and allows them to have a job that could help them finish their courses in the university. The Banff National Park which sees over 4 million visitors annually, the city has hosted the greatest outdoor show in the world (Calgary stampede).


The capital of Alberta with 1.4 million population. The city has a unique culture, it welcomes the craft beer and cannabis cultures. The city has a unique layout in terms of roads, downtown cores, and buildings. The University of Alberta which is located in the city has the best courses for medical students, the university welcomes international students from all over the world.

Ottawa Gatineau

The last city with over a million population is located in Ontario, with 1.4 million people. Gatineau is a large city close to the river of Ottawa, with a unique culture and its neighboring province of Quebec. The city welcomes everyone such as businessmen and women, politicians, visitors, and International students to the University of Ottawa. There is always an occasion happening in the city of Ottawa at parliament hill.


Quebec is a city of 800 thousand population, which was located in provide of Quebec close to the St. Lawrence River. QuQuebec is the best in terms of history and classical architecture. The city has the best university which welcomes International students from all over the world, the university has the best courses and professors which makes them compete with US universities.


Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, which was located in central Canada. There are many parks across the city and some places like the freshwater lakes of Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. The weather and the rivers bring many visitors to the city and have the events such as ice skating, festivals and courses, and the Winnipeg Jets NHL games.

A quick recap: The following are the 10 Largest Cities in Canada

1 Toronto 6,255
2 Montréal 4,247
3 Vancouver 2,606
4 Calgary 1,581
5 Edmonton 1,491
6 Ottawa-Gatineau 1,408
7 Québec 832
8 Winnipeg 825


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