5 Ways For Students To Make Extra Money

Even as a student, with no professional background, you still stand a chance of making money. The world, today, provides numerous earning potentials to support you with pocket money in school. To add that you could as well develop professional skills in the long run. This is a quick one on Ways For Students To Make Extra Money.

With the right time management and balance, there are numerous ways you can make extra money while pursuing your studies. The opportunities are limitless! However, in this post, we will be discussing 5 ways for students to make extra money. You can combine these hustles with your study to make extra cash.

1. Become a Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer is a very lucrative side hustle. The demand for writers who are skilled in writing/creating content is s on the high side. Lots of organizations need the service of writers to create content for their businesses.

So, If you are passionate about writing, you can make hundreds of dollars by simply putting your passion to work. All you need is a platform and a medium to put your skills to work and get paid.

You can start by creating content for various organizations and online platforms such as websites, press releases, proposals, blog posts, and a lot more. This is done after you have developed your writing skills, research skills, and grammatical knowledge.  

Once you feel confident and ready to start up, you can search for job openings on freelance websites, job boards, or other platforms. Some of the popular freelance platforms you can find openings for freelance writers include, Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and freelancer.com, amongst others.

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2. Start Digital Marketing

Also known as online marketing, digital marketing is another hustle that keeps credit alerts coming in. It has to do with the use of online channels to market products, goods, or services.

Digital Marketing is one of the most lucrative jobs presently as almost everyone is going digital. Research has shown that 3 quarters of Americans go online daily, and the figures are even higher among mobile internet users. Marketers know better than to take advantage of these mouth-watering business opportunities created by the digital world.

 As a student looking to make extra cash, do you know by simply having video editing skills, social media marketing skills, or being savvy in graphic design, you can benefit significantly from this hustle?

Plus you could include this on your CV. You can start by scouring different websites that provide such services as Fiverr or Upwork.

3. Do Part-time Photography

Photography is one of the fun ways to make extra cash with minimal investment. All you need is just a good camera and some basic editing software. So, If you have a penchant for taking photos, or you’re the ultimate selfie queen/ king, you can turn that passion or hobby of yours into a money-making venture. 

 There are lots of websites out there scouting for new talents with outstanding photos to upload for people to purchase either for commercial or personal use. And the most interesting part about this is you don’t need to be a professional photographer to make money off photography.

If you are interested in earning through photography you can look into uploading your photos on sites like Bootstrapbay or shutter stocks for commercial or personal use.

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4. Become a Blogger.

Another popular way for students to make extra money is through blogging. If you are a student with good writing skills, you can leverage that by becoming a blogger or starting a website. However, in this hustle, you’ll also need a basic knowledge of blogging.

Having your blog can serve as a platform for your online activities which has the potential to generate income.  You can also make money from blogging through posting content on your website, advertising or even going into affiliate marketing.

Once you become a successful blogger, the assurance is that you’ll smile at the bank on a daily or weekly basis. This feeling is peculiar to students looking to make extra cash. More so, you can earn about $10-$25 per month blogging.

To get started you need to know how to manage your blog, how to get people to view your blog, and how to manage the relationship you build with brands. Additionally, you can build relationships with brands by signing up and applying to be an affiliate with different brands through affiliate network platforms.

5. Make and Sell Cakes 

If you love baking, and you have all the skills to bake delicious cakes, you can make a lot of money from doing that. Lots of people are willing to pay good money to get quality cakes. Meanwhile, Even if you don’t have all the skills but love baking, you can always improve your baking skills and still make money out of it.

The beautiful thing about this hustle is it is flexible, so you can decide to bake at your convenience. Also where to sell isn’t such a big deal as sales can be done anywhere. For instance, you can sell your cake at parties, get personal orders, at events, or even at eateries. 

Anyone can decide to learn how to bake and earn from it. As a beginner, your first sales may start up slowly but just like every other business, with time and effort, it eventually picks up. Moreover, you can sell your cakes on campus, to your classmates or staff in your school. However, make enquires on if it’s okay to sell in your school before doing that.

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With the right time management and balancing of your studies and work life, you are on your way to gaining more financial control as a student. Basically what you need to make extra money is developing a passion for that hustle you want to venture into and developing the needed skills. 

As a student looking to make extra cash while in school, you can decide to try out any of the 5 student job opportunities which we’ve explained above.

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