Best Forex Trading Apps In India 2023

In the year 2022, forex trading was one of the best ways to make money online. Because of inflation, unstable crude oil and gold prices, some traders have made a lot of money. There are some apps that these traders use to make millions of dollars. Here I am going to list down to you Best Forex Trading Apps In India.

These apps make forex trading easier and fast. All these apps have their advantages, I will advise you to read carefully before downloading any of these apps because I am going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the apps. check out: What is Stop Loss in Forex Trading 2023

Best Forex Trading Apps In India


This app was the first on our list because of its popularity and it standard of the largest forex and stock trading platforms in the universe. Millions of users have trusted his app and there are tons of positive reviews on this app. This app is good for users who are new to Forex trading and willing to start.

eToro provides Islamic accounts to start with as low as 10 dollars and you can use a standard package or VIP if you are not interested in an Islamic package.

The app was so, secure because of its two-factor authentication that will help you get your account safe.

5Faisa app

This app is one of the best forex trading platforms in the world. It is user-friendly and the interface is so easy to use and very quick to navigate. This app also offers signal alerts, real-time trading and a watchlist just like Tradingview and some other forex trading platforms. You will access charts and prices In order. But it fixed some charges on trade.

XM App

This app was not only for Forex trading, you can trade cryptocurrency and stocks. This app was one of the largest forex trading apps in India. The aProve Forex apps. The app interface is user friendly which makes it easy and quick. You can deposit a minimum of 5 dollars to get started as a beginner, and you can create a demo account to level up your skills and be risk-free.


This app was founded back then in 2011, which makes it a trustplatformform to trade Forex. The app provides a training account, a practical account and a beginner’s account. This app support meta trader and assets like stocks, gold, and silver. This app allows you to have more than 1 accout, which means you can create multiple accounts. It has a minimum deposit of 10 dollars and supports many payment options, unlike the other apps. This app is available in both Android and app stores.

HotForex App

This app is a good Forex trading tool that helps make users enjoy fast and secure Forex trading. The developer of the app has experience in forex trading for a long time which makes the app trusted by millions of people across the globe. It features meta trader which is the best terminal for forex trading. Its minimum deposit is 5 dollars.

The app is not only used to trade forex but you can trade cryptocurrency and stocks all on the app. But note that the type of account you have determine the leverage. But with the payments option you can trade on weekends.

Olymp Trade

This app was old and has been around for a while. It was launched in 2014 and it was one of the popular apps used to trade forex. The app was available in many countries including India. And it was trusted by millions of users and it’s one of the most reliable forex trading apps for beginners. It reduces the market risk and offers a demo account which can be used to trade without any risk. You can deposit a minimum of 10 dollars and get started right away.

The app allows users to trade over 80 assets which include Forex, Stocks, and cryptocurrency. The app support 13 languages and auto trading. It has 247 customer support.

This is a United Kingdom-based platform that was launched in 1999. This app was designed to help beginners and experts in forex trading. It was available in India and was compatible with the Indian network. The app was well-organised and user-friendly. The app offers free tutorial videos to help you get started as a newbie. Anyway, it is an old app that’s why it lacks some features mostly found in most forex trading apps.

It offers signal alerts, forex alerts and stock alerts to its users. You can also buy and sell using this app. Opening an account is comfortable and straightforward, with no fees.


If you read carefully, you will find out that each app has its advantages. Some of the apps teach you how to get started for free. What you have to do is reviewed carefully and download the one that suits your needs.


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