Bury Grammar School Fees 2023

Bury Grammar School Fees can be quite expensive, renowned educational institutions, Bury Grammar School stands as a testament of academic excellence and character development.

In this article, we will guide you through on how much you can pay as a student of Bury Grammar School, understanding its history, values, by the time we’re done, you’ll get a run down of  the investment the institution demands in the form of tuition fees.

All you need to know about Bury Grammar School:

The institution was Founded several years ago, Bury Grammar School has a rich history of providing top-tier education to generations of students. 

That’s not all, It has a reputation as an esteemed institution that precedes it, students from different backgrounds and culture are attracted to the school.

The school has shown enough commitment when it comes to nurturing well-rounded individuals, both academically and personally, this glaring qualities sets it apart from many other schools.

At Bury Grammar School, you can never get tired of pursuing academic excellence. 

The school is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, there’s also  a passionate faculty, and the institution offers their  students an exceptional learning environment. 

The school has always stated that their  mission and vision focus on triggering intellectual curiosity, their aim is for their students to ask salient questions through critical thinking, you can say Bury grammar school as an institution has a lifelong love for learning.

Tuition Fees 

As with any prestigious educational institution, Bury Grammar School charges tuition fees to cover the cost of providing a world-class education. 

The fee structure is arranged to be very comprehensive, it will cover the different  aspects of your schooling. 

The Tuition fees are not static though, they’re flexible and can be changed academic year, so you need to be up to date with current fees, that’s the essence of us making this very blog post, to give you the current cost of education in Bury grammar school 

Bury Grammar School Fees 2023

These fees is for the period between September 2023 and August 2024, they  are as follows:

  • Senior School & Sixth Form: £4,363 per term
  • Infants & Juniors: £3,316 per term

Parents will receive invoices at the beginning of each term (September, January, and April) and can pay through Direct Debit over 9, 11, or 12 months. 

Optional extras, such as Infant School meals, are also invoiced on a termly basis. 

The School Coach service can be paid for the entire academic year, termly, or half termly. 

Private music lessons are invoiced directly by the visiting music teachers to parents. 

Fees are subject to an annual review, and any increase will be notified to parents in advance. For more details, you can contact the Finance office at 0161 696 8600.

Bury Grammar School Scholarship

Bury Grammar Bursary Fund’s major aim is to provide a life-changing opportunity for young people with talent who come from low-income families to receive a BGS education. 

The Bursary funds contribute either wholly or partially to their school fees, and support bursary pupils, ensuring that even academically gifted children, regardless of their financial means, can benefit from the education they offer. All their bursaries undergo means testing by the School.

Currently, 1 in 8 of  senior school pupils of Bury Grammar School receives fee assistance, but unfortunately, they can only help a small percentage of those who apply for bursaries each year. 

To ensure that the opportunity for quality education is not limited to a select few, Bury Grammar School offers scholarships and bursaries to deserving students. 

These financial aid options can make the school’s education very easy to access for some students

Holidays at Bury Grammar School

The following are the holidays timetable at Bury Grammar School

  • Summer Holidays: 24th Oct 2022 To 28th Oct 2022
  • Winter Holidays: 19th Dec 2022 To 2nd Jan 2023
  • Spring Half Term Holidays: 20th Feb 2023 To 24th Feb 2023
  • Spring Holidays: 3rd Apr 2023 To 14th Apr 2023
  • Summer Half Term Holidays: 29th May 2023 To 2nd Jun 2023
  • Summer Holidays: 24th Jul 2023 To 1st Sep 2023

The Value of Education at Bury Grammar School:

Investing in education is a substantial decision that demands careful evaluation. For many parents, the question of whether the fees at Bury Grammar School are worth the investment arises. 

How Accountable and Transparent is Bury Grammar School?

One crucial aspect that parents often seek in schools is transparency in their fee structure and policies.

 At Bury Grammar School, the management strives to maintain open communication with parents regarding the fee structure and any changes that may occur. 

This transparency can help you as parents or guardians to plan your  finances very well, you can easily make the right decisions for your children’s education.

How you can Plan for Bury Grammar School Fees:

Enrolling a child at Bury Grammar School requires thoughtful financial planning. 

The tuition fees, although an investment in the child’s future, can be substantial. 

As Parents, you  should consider payment plans, and potential financial assistance to manage the financial burden comfortably sponsoring your ward at Bury.

If you adopt nice savings and investment strategies, you can play a very good role in ensuring that you can afford the school’s fees without even compromising your financial stability.

 If you plan ahead and explore available options, you’ll definitely  ease the burden of educational expenses at Bury Grammar School.


It’s not even a secret that the need to invest in your children’s education is an investment in the future.

 Bury Grammar School, with its rich legacy of academic excellence, will give your ward a nurturing environment to realize their potential fully. 

Judging by records, the decision to enroll your child in such a prestigious institution is a very significant one, all you need to do is to conduct a thorough research plan.


1.Are there any financial aid options available at Bury Grammar School?

Yes, the school gives scholarships and bursaries to  students who deserves it

2.Is Bury Grammar School worth the investment in terms of education?

According to Many parents and alumni, they  believe that the school’s education and environment justify the investment.

3.Are there any other schools offering quality education with lower fees?

No doubt Bury Grammar School is renowned, there are also several other schools that also provide quality education at different price.

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