How To Find Affordable Hotels When Traveling

Finding a hotel for cheap is something everyone of a great deal when going for a trip. But how to find affordable hotels when traveling can be a daunting task.

But not to worry, in this article, we’ll be sharing the best ways to find cheap and affordable accommodation. From hotel rewards programs to the best hotel booking websites; everything you need to know if you want to save money on hotels.

So here are some steps on how to find affordable hotels when traveling.

7 Ways To Find Affordable Hotels When Traveling 

1. Visit Different Sites And Make A Comparison

It is important to know that how you book your reservation can make a big difference in terms of costs. Visit different sites and do your research thoroughly. Compare deals and offers.

Do research on traveling sites like or even Expedia to get an overview of hotels in your desired area and go on to research those hotels on your own. Search for promotion codes as well. Don’t neglect a hotel’s website because some chains promise the best rate when you make a booking via their website.

 It is rare to find a hotel room offered cheaper on a hotel’s website than on a hotel search engine.  Have a look around several websites, prices vary and sometimes one of these sites may have a sale for a specific hotel that the others don’t have. Take your time and research and locate the best choice of the hotel you need. 

Sometimes when you visit those sites you will find discount prices for hotel accommodation.  Make your research and make a comparison to get the best offer.

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2. Sign Up For Email Notifications from Various Hotel Site

Signing up for email alerts from various hotel sites is one way to get updated on affordable hotel offers when traveling. By signing up you stand a chance to get the best offer at your fingertip whenever there is one.

When you sign up for the email newsletter of pretty much every booking website you can know about their sales. Thanks to the newsletters, you can always know which site has a general sale or a sale for a specific location.

Sites tend to offer ‘secret prices’ for their email subscribers. So when you subscribe you stand a good chance of getting an affordable price. So it’s advisable to sign up.

3. Last Minute Deals

A Last-minute deal is one way to get affordable hotel accommodation when traveling. There is some hotel site that offers such deals.

Apps like HotelTonight and One:Night specialize in helping travelers for last-minute cheap hotel rooms dear. Leveraging such apps can be of great gain.

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4. Get A Hotel Rewards Program

One way by which you can find affordable hotels when traveling is also by joining a hotel reward program. Another option to collect reward points is to join a hotel loyalty program. 

It’s important to know that, most of these loyalty programs don’t only offer the option to collect points that can be used for free stays, but also offer freebies during a stay. Sounds interesting right? Freebies like free wifi or a free upgrade to a better room category. I’m very sure you don’t want to miss that!

There are many hotels out there where you can get good reward programs. Do a quick research and you’ll find them; that’s one way to an affordable hotel when you’re on the move.

5. Book A Flight Together With A Hotel Package

If you have to fly to your destination, it’s worth checking out flight & hotel packages. In most cases, they work out a lot cheaper than if you book your flights and hotel separately. This is because both the flight agency and the hotels work hand in hand together in providing a suitable service for the customers.

However before booking, just make sure to check on the map where the hotel included in the deal is located and look up some reviews.

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6. Use a Booking Engine That Offers Rewards.

Still speaking on “rewards”. You can collect rewards for booking with the same website every time you get to book a hotel. That is if you have been booking consistently using a particular site, you then can collect your reward for booking overtime.  Sounds great right? sure it does.

 I’m not an ambassador of but it is one booking engine that offers rewards. It offers a free stay after every ten bookings made through the website!

You can best consult Google to find out which booking website offers reward deals for the hotel of your choice.

7. Book A Mystery Room or Bid For One

Bidding for a room can be somewhat fun. It is also an effective way to get affordable hotels when you’re on the move.

Some hotel booking websites give you the option to bid for a room. If you’re willing to put in some time to research the best ways to go about bidding for rooms, this is a great way to find cheap accommodation. 

The other option for travelers to save money on accommodation is to look for a ‘mystery room’. With this option, you’ll only know what neighborhood the room is in and what amenities the hotel has, but you won’t find out where you’re staying until after the booking is confirmed. Curious I guess, you should give it a try.

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Final Say

Traveling is one thing. Getting an affordable hotel when traveling in another.  The above are some of the ways, tips, and steps to get an affordable hotel when traveling.

However, when choosing an affordable hotel, also take your comfort into consideration. Ensure the one you’re choosing is worth it, regardless of the price! Have a safe trip!

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