Top 10 Expensive Hotels In India 2023

Here is a list of the best, top, and most expensive hotels that are in India. They are a hotel that has all the luxury and modern amenities and has 24 hours 7 days support. here are the 10 most expensive hotels in India.


This is a luxury hotel that was established in 1942, the hotel is purposely for royal homes, and it is ranked as the number six largest hotel all over India. This hotel is made exactly like a real royal palace, so staying in this hotel will make visitors feel like they are in a royal palace. The Umaid Bhawan palace has a sign of Jodhpur on it. It has all the modern and luxury amenities provided. Visitors will get everything that they want in this hotel. Rooms in the hotel are designed with attractive art decorations and they accept different payment methods like credit cards and master cards. Also Read: Top 11 Destinations For Students To Visit 2023


Another great hotel that was beautifully designed like a palace. The hotel was established between 1894. The hotel was originally a royal palace but later joined with groups of hotels and is now presently a hotel. All the amenities that are in a royal palace were also provided in the Taj Falaknuwa Palace. So many activities are performed in this hotel like royal welcoming. Many visitors choose Taj Falaknuwa Palace when they visit Hyderabad because of the luxury setting and modern amenities that everyone will like. The hotel rooms have Wi-Fi access, a restaurant that prepared seafood, and a parking space. The hotel has all things a visitor could like or need.


This is one of the largest hotels that covers many acres of land. The hotel is covered by green land and a lake close to it which attract the attention of most visitors. The hotel is located in Udaipur, India. This hotel is ranked as the number one hotel in India. More than six lakes are linked to this hotel. Rooms in Oberoi Udaivilas are like a royal palace. People visit the hotel for honeymoons or vacations with family, and also for wedding celebrations. The hotel has a fine restaurant are prepared different dishes, the place is best for every kind of occasion.


A home where you feel like royalty and is among the most highly expensive hotels in India. The hotel is established in the year 1835. It is located in Jaipur, India. Rambagh palace hotel is designed like a royal palace, all amenities, the interior and exterior of the hotel like royal which makes the visitor feel like royalty when walking into the hotel. The hotel rooms are designed to best comfort all types of visitors. There is also a wifi access. It is the perfect place for all kinds of occasions. The hotel is the most comfortable place that will make you feel at home. Also Read: Top 10 Most Expensive Universities in Canada 2023


This hotel is among the Taj groups, It was established in 1902 and is located in Mumbai India. The architectural designs of this hotel attract the mind of art lovers. The Taj Mahal Hotel is one of the luxury hotels in India. The hotel is the best comfort for every visitor either national or others from different parts of the world. The services and hospitality of the hotel will make you feel at home. All modern accommodations are provided in the hotel, they have free parking space, free wifi access, well arranged, well designed, best place for every occasion, leisure, or working activity.


Another great hotel was among the Taj group of hotels. The hotel was also formerly a royal palace and now change to a modern hotel. The hotel is one of the largest hotels and is located in Udaipur, India near an island lake. All modern and luxury amenities that will comfort all types of visitors are provided in the Taj Lake Hotel. The hotel is most attractive by the Pichola Lake where visitors can see the lake from their hotel rooms because the hotel is located in the center of the lake.


The Leela is one of the most expensive hotels in India. It is a luxury hotel that is located in Udaipur City, India. It has all the luxury and modern facilities in it, with different types and sizes of rooms. The has a beautiful green garden where visitors relax and enjoy the beautification of the hotel. It is the best place where guests can relax and make a memorable occasion. All things that will comfort and make guests enjoy themselves are provided in the hotel In terms of food, the hotel has a restaurant that prepared different dishes for the benefit of the guests. Also Read: Top 10 Luxurious Hotels in Dubai To Explore in 2023


The best choice for guests. This is one of the attractive luxury facilities that has attractive features. The hotel was ranked as one of the finest hotels in India. It has the world’s modern amenities good services and hospitality attractive exterior and interior decorations. The Kumarakom Hotel is among the largest hotel that covers many acres of land. Visitors like visiting this hotel because of the beautiful features of the hotel and the availability of everything needed by guests are provided there.


This is the first palace in the city of Jaipur, India. It was originally established in 1727. but now turned into a Raj group of hotels. The hotel is the oldest in Jaipur. The Raj Palace is the best place for you to live when you visit Jaipur city, best for travelers and leisure. All rooms in Raj Palace have historical things that are designed, this will make the guest enjoy the place and see historical things of the former palace.


One of the best and most expensive hotels in India. They designed with beautiful features of the royal palace. The hotel is located in New Delhi. Guests enjoy good service and hospitality from the hotel staff that works 24 hours every day.
The Imperial Hotel has access to all modern accommodations, all luxury facilities, and royal heritage that make guests feel like royalty when they are in the hotel. Their staffs also speak the English language so that communication can take place between the staff and the guests.


Here you have it. A list of the top 10 expensive hotels in India. So make your choice and plan for that wonderful trip to your preferred hotel.

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